Line 6 HX-Effects

Line 6 HX-Effects

Pedales, Efectos, Pedaleras

445€ 565€
  • More than 100 HX effects
  • Of which up to 9 effects can be used simultaneously
  • Import of own Impulse Responses (IRS)
  • Parallel stereo signal paths
  • Inputs can be switched between line / instrument level
  • Two assignable effect loops (stereo linkable)
  • Two expression pedal inputs and up to four amplifier switching outputs
  • LED displays for naming pedals and patch names
  • Colour-coded LCD rings to differentiate the effect types (delay, modulation, etc.)
  • Touch-sensitive footswitch for quick access to effect parameters and functions
  • Control: 4 stopless rotary knobs
  • Push Buttons: Save - Edit - Home - Action - Left - Right
  • Display: LED displays
  • Footswitch: 8 touch-sensitive footswitches with LCD ring
  • Connections: mono / stereo input (2x 6.3 mm jack) - mono / stereo output (2x 6.3 mm jack) - FX Loop 1 & 2 (4x 6.3 mm jack) - 2x pedal / Ext Amp (2 x 6.3 mm stereo jack) - MIDI In / Out - USB power supply connector (coaxial socket 5.5 x 2.1 mm - negative pole inside)

GASTOS DE ENVÍO 8€, (Pianos no incluidos)



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